Acne can be embarrassing for anyone and unfortunately, it’s also the most common skin condition in the US by far. It happens when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells and, if gone untreated, can leave skin marked with dark spots and permanent scars.

If you’re experiencing a distressing bout of acne, you’re not alone. Consider these facts and statistics:

  • A full 95 percent of Americans will have acne at some point in their lives, particularly during the teenage years. However…
  • Acne isn’t just a teenage thing. Nearly 50 million Americans, including adults, experience it on any given day. That’s at least triple the number of those who suffer from rosacea (16 million), eczema (8 million) and psoriasis (7.5 million).
  • Both women and men experience acne, but at different times and for different reasons. For teen girls, acne peaks at 14 to 17 years of age, while boys are hardest hit between 16 and 19. During the adult years, 25 percent of men experience acne at some point, compared to half of all women, particularly during pregnancy. Fourteen percent of women are still battling acne into their 40s. Acne in men tends to wrap up earlier, but shaving facial hair can bring on folliculitis, a condition that visually mimics acne.
  • Though 40 percent of acne sufferers do nothing about their conditions, the fact is that acne is treatable and highly manageable.

If you or your teenager are among the tens of millions experiencing acne, call one of Metropolitan Dermatology’s four New Jersey-area locations and schedule a consultation with a skincare specialist about treatment options.

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