Juvéderm Voluma® XC

For years doctors have relied on other Juvéderm® products as well as other dermal fillers to attain proper cheek augmentation. Now thanks to Allergan, the aesthetic specialists behind the Juvéderm® line of cosmetic fillers, comes Voluma® XC. This revolutionary filler provides dermatologists with a new injectable that can reduce the natural signs of aging by lifting sunken or hollow areas of the mid-face.

How do dermal fillers work?

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in October 2013 to temporarily restore volume and fullness to the cheeks and surrounding areas of the mid-face, Voluma® XC is a biodegradable hyaluronic acid gel that contains small amounts of lidocaine (a mild numbing medication). Similar to Restylane, Perlane, and other dermal fillers, it works against the daily forces of gravity to lift the jowls by restoring volume to targeted areas of the face.

Although the face has two eyes and two cheekbones, it is not necessarily symmetrical. With the combined loss of collagen and constant tugging of gravitational forces, a person's appearance can suddenly deteriorate over time. A trained healthcare professional with a good eye for symmetry and facial balance can slowly inject small amounts of the gel with molding effects to immediately restore lost facial volume above and below the cheekbone and jawline.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

Most men and women who suffer a loss of mid-face volume as well as those with poorly defined cheekbones are good candidates for treatment with Voluma® XC. Additionally, the latest dermal filler gel is ideal for individuals who want to avoid face lift surgery or may not be a good candidate for plastic surgery. So, any patient over 21 years of age with realistic expectations who is seeking immediate improvement and is in good health will make an excellent candidate.

What's involved in a Juvéderm Voluma® XC treatment?

Although Voluma® XC contains small amounts of lidocaine, your doctor also may use a topical numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable. Treatments are performed as an inpatient procedure at Metropolitan Dermatology and will take somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes. However, the injection themselves are over very quickly and the results are visible almost immediately.

Depending upon your individual needs, the dermal filler is applied above or below the ridge that runs along the cheekbone. Patients typically report on minor discomfort such as a pinch or pressure from the injections. Patients can usually return to work or resume your normal daily activities immediately following a treatment. However to reduce bruising and reduce swelling, some individuals may prefer to apply ice to the treated areas.

What are the advantages of using Juvéderm Voluma® XC?

As you age, the deterioration of fatty tissue and collagen can cause sunken cheeks that often make the face look frail and tired. This new cosmetic filler is unique in that the hyaluronic acid is cross-linked through a patented process to provide excellent results, such as:

  • Restored volume to cheeks and mid-face
  • Improved lifting capacity
  • Moldable to facial contours
  • Less degradation - lasts up to 24 months
  • Incredibly natural-looking results
  • Minimal bruising and swelling

NOTE: The skill and experience of your dermatologist makes the biggest difference in the success or failure of facial sculpting products like Voluma. Our doctors understand the advantages of using specific fillers in different areas of the face to achieve the best outcomes to meet your cosmetic goals.

Can Voluma® XC be used in combination with other injectables?

Yes. Our doctor may recommend a combination of products, such as Botox® with laser resurfacing, to achieve a more youthful, healthier look to all areas of your face. These additional treatments may be performed along with Voluma® XC injections or maybe scheduled separately depending upon your unique needs.

Generally speaking, older patients most often require combined or additional procedures in order to achieve optimal correction. Since Juvéderm Voluma® XC is composed of hyaluronic acid, it also can be dissolved using a simple enzyme. This is rarely needed but the option to reverse any unwanted results is readily available.

Will I need follow-up treatments?

Although Voluma® XC is a very effective cosmetic product, dermal fillers are not intended to be a permanent solution. In order to maintain the desired effect, you will need to repeat treatments over time. The elasticity of your skin, the amount of filler used and your body's natural rate of absorption can all play a role in how quickly degradation occurs. Additionally, facial areas subjected to repeated movement lose volume more quickly. Voluma® XC is normally expected to last one to two years before follow-up injections are needed.

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