Microneedling offers a stamp of needles to the skin that can delicately call upon growth factors to enliven and rejuvenate your cells much deeper than the surface. Chemical peels and laser treatments may not be the perfect solution for your skin conditions, but microneedling is the noninvasive treatment that can. These deep treatments are not appropriate for some of your more sensitive areas such as around the eyes, the nose and skin around the mouth. At Metropolitan Dermatology, our treatments are balanced, matched with your lifestyle and skin-specific issues. We know that our patients want glowing skin that won’t give you away, so try one that is gentle but works deep within the dermis to produce youthful cells.

What is microneedling?

This stamp of needles is delivered through a hand-held tool that rapidly sticks 30 gauge needles through the epidermis, your surface skin, and plunges them at safe intervals into the deeper tissue—the dermis. Microneedling is sweeping the cosmetic and plastics industry since there is no heat applied to the skin or recovery required, just a simple 45 minute to one-hour treatment that uncovers healthier skin afterward. Microneedling surpasses other skin treatments since it offers complete cellular renewal using the most natural means, your metabolism and healing factors.

Skin conditions and concerns remedied with microneedling include:

  • Acne scars, mild to moderate
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dull skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Inflamed skin
  • Rosacea
  • Discoloration and melasma after pregnancy
  • First stages of loose skin
  • Improper nutrient absorption
  • Unsightly stretch marks
  • Sun spots and deep sun damage
  • Irregular skin cell turnover
  • Uneven or mismatched tone
  • Rough texture

Laser skin rejuvenation treatments and chemical peels can help you to achieve severe aging signs, but microneedling works for all Fitzpatrick skin types from light to dark where laser and chemicals are selective. By creating columns within the skin that are spread apart evenly, microneedling treatment increases the rate of healing and invigorates growth of new cells. If you’re someone who has healthy skin and is looking to freshen the face, microneedling only eliminates damaged cells to make room for clearer skin.

What does the Metropolitan Dermatology microneedling treatment involve?

In consultation at Metropolitan Dermatology, the scale you're experiencing wrinkles, skin laxity and any other skin concern you have listed above are analyzed and weighed as we create your microneedling treatment plan. This treatment is adjustable to target the deepest skin damage especially for men and women with Glogau type two and three wrinkles focused on beginning aging signs and those that are moderately advanced. After your skin care and microneedling consultation, our aesthetician will apply a mild cream anesthetic to your face to soften pain sensation with a deeper microneedling application for a total of 30 minutes. The anesthetic is wiped away, and your face is cleaned to prepare the skin for needle therapy without the risk of infection. Applies the microneedling device to the upper third of the face including the forehead, temples and bridge of the nose in smooth lines. The mid face is then treated with an adjusted setting on the automatic microneedling device as the skin is thinner here under the eyes, at the flanks of the nose and on the cheeks. Microneedling is known to lift the skin as tightening proteins rebuild the mid face and produce a naturally raised position over time. The neck can be treated as well as the décolletage if requested; many of our patients with wrinkles or discoloration and sun damage in this often exposed area find improvement with microneedling. The treatment is painless and relatively fast!

Results and Aftercare

After your full facial microneedling treatment, the skin will bleed for a few moments, and all excess blood is cleansed away followed by a treatment of restorative and nutrient infused serums. Before microneedling, everything applied to the skin such as creams and serums was only allowed up to eight percent access to the dermis and is now open to improvement. Neocollagenesis will continue for up to one year after your treatments to reformat the skin’s supportive base of collagen and elastin fibers for tighter, plump skin in exchange for years of aging. Three to six treatments will get your skin into great shape with deeper applications each time, but this treatment frequency will vary for each patient. Call one of our Metropolitan Dermatology locations today to schedule your skin rejuvenation treatment with microneedling.

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