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Herpes Simplex

Herpes Simplex is a viral infection that is found in cold sores and fever blisters and is contagious even when sores are not visible.


Herpes Simplex is given to another person by some kind of physical contact such as kissing, sharing items or sexual contact.

Risk Factors

Anyone who comes into contact with the virus is at risk for contracting it. It is often passed on to young children by adults. Herpes Simples is most often spread through having sexual contact with someone who already has it. Someone who does not have a strong immune system, especially due to certain types of medication, is more susceptible to it than others.


There are many indicators that a person has been in contact with the herpes simplex virus. The skin will often be very irritated and itch or burn, and sores will begin to form, often on the mouth or genitals. Someone with herpes simplex will experience the same symptoms as someone who has the flu. If a person has difficulty urinating or has an eye infection, they could also have the herpes simplex virus.


A physical examination of sores by a doctor is necessary to diagnose herpes simplex. In some cases, bloodwork or a skin swab test may be needed as well.

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Herpes Simplex can be treated by an antiviral medication, but it cannot be cured. However, the sores will often go away on their own without treatment.


There is no real prevention of herpes simplex other than avoiding skin-to-skin contact with someone who has it. Using a condom during sex can reduce the likelihood of herpes simplex being transmitted to the other person, but it does not eliminate it. Washing hands after treating sores is also a prevention method.


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