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Skin Surveillance Program Full-Body Screening

Now available in Our Kenilworth Office

The Number One Choice for Over 300,000 Patients Worldwide

MoleSafe is a complete skin-mapping program designed to track changes in your skin over time. Includes total body photography and imaging of all significant moles for expert Dermatologist diagnosis.

Who should have a Full Body Scan?

You haven't been to MoleSafe before. 
Ideal for first-time patients as it includes total body photography to create a baseline to compare changes in your skin at later appointments.

You’re considered medium to high risk. 
A must-do if you have fair skin, a high number of moles, a personal or family history of skin cancer or an outdoor lifestyle.

Early detection is your best protection. 

Your skin is always changing. That’s why MoleSafe’s proven system combines advanced skin-mapping technology with skin cancer expertise to detect melanoma early – when it’s most treatable.

Melanoma is the most life-threatening of all skin cancers and it’s hard to see with an untrained eye. MoleSafe’s advanced dermoscopic technology looks deep inside a mole’s structure to detect skin changes early.

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Skin Surveillance Program Full-Body Screening

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